Anonymous: Do you have any side blogs?

This is a side blog lol.

That story they released about Kobe is ridiculous and spitefully.

Anonymous: I know it's preseason, but I'm getting a little nervous about the way we're loosing games. I hope it's not an indicator of what's to come during the reg season.

I’m not worried. Russ and Serge look like they’re playing 50% which is understandable. Russe doesn’t need to do to much yet and serge is still healing from injuries. The rest of the team are feeding from there vibes. I’m sure once the real season start Russell is gonna be a ball of energy knocking everything down in the path and Serge is gonna be blocking shots into the 3 row lol and I’m sure the rest of the other team will follow with greatness. Just be patient

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iluvkita10: I know it's water on the bridge but do u regret that we traded Harden? It seems like whenever something happens, ppl go back to the Harden trade...

I do everyday.
Harden is like that EX boyfriend or girlfriend your parents get attached to and when yall break up they alway ask “how is so and so doing? I haven’t seen him/her in awhile.” And you’re just like “i don’t know…fuck him/her”but deep down your like “dam I miss him/her”

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Hey Guys,

 Just want to let my new and old followers know that this isn’t the norm of my blog…the unreported games, no game pics, late updates, and so on. I’m usually on it but I just transferred colleges and got a new job(Wizards stadium!!!) so I’ve been going through a lot. But shout out to y’all! I haven’t lost a single follower..I’ve gain but never lost. So thank you guys for being loyal and patience!

P.s I kinda don’t care to much for the preseason. It’s just slow and boring to me it’s also why I haven’t been posting, sooo yeah don’t worry I’ll be back to posting daily and all that good stuff

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The Thunder has announced that Durant has indeed undergone successful surgery. He will be re-evaluated in six weeks.