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iluvkita10: I agree with....I DON'T condone the act but he's being thrown under the bus because the NFL got caught.. I don't think he should of been suspended indefinitely b cuz ppl who have done worse haven't been punished like that

Right…Chris Brown beat Rihanna yet he still has a recored deal, Nicholas Cage pushed his wife yet he’s still in movies.

Raymond Felton pulled a gun on his wife suspended for 2 games by the NBA. Floyd Mayweather accused at least 3 times….still sitting pretty…I can go on forever, but my point has been made.

Anonymous: HE spat on her though which prompted her to give him a light slap as she walked away. He then gets into her space on the elevator.. strikes her.. she goes at him and he punches her. Like how are you going to even imply what he did is a mutual fault?? Maybe they can mend this and be in a healthy relationship from now on and thats her choice to see that out but there is a lot of information out there about DV and why the victim doesn't leave. Her staying by his side doesnt lessen his transgression

You’re right he did spit on her first.I didn’t notice that part. Don’t get it twisted though….i defiantly said what he did wasn’t right by any means..we don’t know what happened leading up to the elevator for one. For two i never said or implied it was “mutual fault”…i just said ladies don’t expect not to get touch without doing some touching of your own(relating to this or any other DV case). Bottom line is what he did was absolutely wrong… but i still think the punishment given by the NFL was to harsh…

Anonymous: How do you personally feel about the ray rice issue and how the NFL handled it? I know it's not the nba but still curious to hear your opinion.

Ok I hope I don’t get attacked for this, but I feel that the NFL’s punishment was too harsh.
Let me be clear, it is never okay for a man to hit a woman, even if she hits you first. However, women don’t go around hitting or spitting on men and not expect to get hit. The great book says do on to others as you want done on to you lol.
In Ray Rice case his wife went ahead and married him after the incident. Idk if she just let it go or if he actually got help and they worked it out. Either way or obviously it wasn’t that serious for her. Now the NFL….smh I feel like the only Reason why they punished him the way they did is because the tape was released to the whole world through tmz. Once it hit the main market and there was no way to cover it up( reports is that they tried to before) they had to make an example out of him. It is started in the NFL handbook that a player is suspended indefinitely for domestic violence after 2 offensive…I’ll say it again……2. That was Ray Rice 1st. I’m just gonna leave it at this because I can go on forever……what Paul George said.

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